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Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Connectivity.

EFM services provide a business critical Ethernet connection for UK businesses offering up to 20Mbs symmetrical un-contended bandwidth:

How Does Ethernet First Mile Work?

Ethernet First Mile leased lines are provisioned over multiple copper pairs, instead of traditional expensive fibre installations. Because EFM is provisioned over multiple pairs the service is highly resilient. If any of the pairs fail the service will rate adjust to a lower speed on the remaining circuits rather than completely fail.

What are the installation lead times for Ethernet First Mile Services?

Ethernet First Mile services can be provisioned within 35 working days from date of order providing ultra fast lead times compared to typical fibre installations.

What is the availability of Ethernet First Mile services?

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) services are available to over 1000 exchanges nation wide (70% UK coverage).

What Speed/bandwidth can Ethernet First Mile services run at?

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) connectivity can support up to 20Mbs symmetrical bandwidth dependent on the distance. Most businesses within 3Km of the exchange should be able to receive 10Mbs. Please see diagram below for typical Ethernet First Mile bandwidth expectations.

Are Ethernet First Mile Services suitable for latency sensitive applications such as VOIP?

Yes Ethernet First Mile is ultra reliable and provides sub 20ms response time making it the perfect solution for latency sensitive applications such as VOIP, Video and VPN.

Ethernet First Mile Features and Benefits

  • Highly Resilient
    Provisioned over multiple copper pairs
  • Cost effective
    No fibre installations or digging up roads, simple cost effective installation process and on going rental.
  • Higher bandwidth capacity
    Increase the capacity of your Internet connection, to provide even greater speeds for mission-critical applications.